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            Law School Application Counseling

            You are only as good as your application. You have probably heard of students with perfect GPAs and eye-popping LSAT scores who didn’t get in anywhere. You have probably also heard of students with subpar numbers who got in everywhere. What’s the difference? Their applications. From crafting your persona to editing essays to tailoring your resumé and more, we will strategize and edit every single component of your law school applications.

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            Work 1-on-1 with a Graduate Coach on your LSAC application

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            Work 2-on-1 with a Former Admissions Officer and Graduate Coach on your law school applications

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            Quite simply, the most comprehensive Application Counseling program for your law school applications

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            Personal, Dedicated Graduate Coach from Top Law School ? ? ?
            Strategy + Review from Former Admissions Officer ? ?
            Dedicated Mentorship from Former Admissions Officer ?
            Video Chat, Phone, and InGenius Google Group Email Support ? ? ?
            School Selection ? ? ?
            LSAC Personal Statement – From Scratch to Perfection ? ? ?
            Resumé/CV ? ? ?
            Supplemental Essays/Diversity Statement – From Scratch to Perfection Up to 2 Schools Up to 12 Schools
            Letter of Recommendation Support ? ?
            Interview Prep ?