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            Erin Monaghan

            Erin Monaghan

            JD, Harvard Law School
            BA, Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia

            I am the former director of the Jefferson Scholars undergraduate program at the University of Virginia, as well as a former reader for both the undergraduate and law school admissions offices at UVA. I earned my bachelor’s degree with honors from UVA, and received my law degree cum laude from Harvard Law School, where I was a teaching assistant for Negotiation classes in my second and third years and a student attorney in the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (the nation’s oldest student legal services organization). I practiced law for almost fifteen years, in both private and government agency settings, before moving into the education arena.

            I was awarded a Jefferson Scholarship – a full four-year merit-based scholarship – to attend UVA, and remained involved in the selection process as a volunteer committee member for more than a decade before working as the program’s director. The top-level students who become involved in the scholarship competition captured my interest and energy a long time ago – I so enjoy getting to know and work with vibrant, engaged high school and college students who are reaching for their goals!

            In my free time, I enjoy music, theater, hanging out with my Australian shepherd, working in local politics, and reading.