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            Dana Mintz Messinger

            Dana Mintz Messinger

            JD, Georgetown University Law Center
            BA, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

            I am a former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Johns Hopkins University, my alma mater. I recruited and reviewed a territory that included both domestic and international candidates. I also ran the on campus interview program, trained the student interviewers, and gave presentations on effective interview techniques to alums and high school students.

            After leaving Johns Hopkins University, I became the Director of Freshman Admissions at Baruch College and an Associate Director of Admissions at Columbia Law School, where I also reviewed applications and conducted a number of interviews. ?At Baruch College, I focused on building partnerships with community based organizations and expanding college access to low-income students. I have spoken extensively on the college search and application process to high school students and parents in the United States and across the globe. I have also worked with a number of friends and family members on their applications and I am looking forward to working one-on-one with a new batch of students.

            Prior to entering the field of admissions, I spent four years working as a white collar criminal defense lawyer at a big firm in New York and a year working in politics, where I did both youth outreach for a Presidential contender and opposition research for House races.

            In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, running, reading, exploring my city with friends, talking about admissions, and volunteering on the 2016 presidential race.